Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ah the joys of MySpace

I know this is a teensy bit mean. I do. And rest assured that any legitimate attempts to reach me through MySpace are answered with honesty and excitement. I truly LOVE getting back in touch with people I haven't spoken to in ages. It's like everything in my life is "new" again when you're sharing it with someone for the first time. Y'all know.

But this morning I got the following message from "a Dutch admire"* who writes:

Greeting from Holland
Hope all is ok there
Dont be afraid that I am from Holland, we dont bite
Hmm who I am oops sorry
How can I forget to introduce myself
Well as i said I am from Holland raised and born in Amsterdam.
So if I make some mistakes in English, please forgive me
My mothertongue is Dutch,
I am 35 and working as a electrician.
I really enjoy it, special because its so much different problems you see each day.
My hobbies are sport, I practice myself Karate and Jiu Jitsu
But dont be afraid I am not a Sylvester Stallone type (He is much shorter then I am hehehe).
Then I love to ride on my motor. Love to travel
Been around the whole world
Australie, New Zealand, Singapore, Alaska, Canada, West coast US, East coast US, Mexico, Israel, Egypt and a lot in Europe ofcourse.
Well before I really start to bore you I say bye for now
I really hope to hear from you.
A big kiss from Holland

Clearly I haven't changed any of the grammar or anything so that y'all can get the full effect. And I am not using his name. It feels less mean that way.

So my first thought on receiving this was along the lines of "how sweet - apparently there is no Dutch translation for in a relationship." So I did what any normal girl would do (unless we're on Friendster... evil Friendster with the tracking!) I clicked on the link to his profile.

Now. Apparently this guy is a pro at the propositioning of American women. He's got loads of "friends" on his profile. All of them women. Most of them sporting pictures of themselves in various states of undress. Some of them are down right naked.


What is the world coming to? Can't a girl receive a nice e-mail from a man in another country who just wants to chat? Apparently not. Or at least not in this case. This guy clearly is interested in sharing pictures (of the nude variety), possible naughty messages and ultimately he wants to come "visit" you to "take care of any needs". Also to "pursue a relationship". Does this sound like this guy needs a green card? Anyone?

Sadly there were also tons of comments on his profile from these various women... They seem to be eating it up! Must be lots of bored housewives or something. I guess I can't judge too much though. I DID spend several minutes looking around his profile myself! It was like a train wreck y'all!

*his typo not mine

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Michele said...

There certainly are a lot of wierdos on myspace. I changed my privacy settings so I wouldn't have so many random people (i.e. wierd guys) requesting to be my friend. I looked at a few of their profiles and noticed the same thing as you, they seem to just be collecting femal friends.