Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More than you needed to know...

Who puts their house on the market and then goes on vacation for 2 weeks??!?!?? I mean honestly people! Don't they know that the suspense is getting to me? And that I may have to take to drinking heavily and wandering around in my bathrobe muttering to myself if they don't happen to check their messages between now and November 6th?


Yeah. So the sellers of the place that TheBoy and I made an offer on are somewhere in the middle of Arizona on vacation for the next 12 days. 12 freaking DAYS y'all! I may seriously come unhinged in the meantime.

Stupid out of state sellers.

So to keep myself pre-occupied I stole this MeMe from Liz. So I now present to you, "More than you ever needed to know about Tiffy".

A smell that makes you pause: wood burning fireplace smoke

A taste that makes you melt: Fresh summer berries

A drink you often order: Belvedere martini, dirty with extra olives

Music you prefer to listen to when you are alone: Wilson Phillips (shut up!)

The singer or band you currently listen to the most: Antigone Rising

The film you could watch over and over: Dirty Dancing

A TV show you watch regularly: Trucks (not by choice y’all, TheBoy controls the remote!)

Your favorite time of day: Early morning if I’m working out / running

If your house was burning, and you only had time to rescue three things, they would be:
1. TheBoy
2. TheCat
3. The necklace my mother designed / had made for me when I graduated high school

One person you might kill if you knew the law would protect you: Wow – I don’t think I dislike anyone enough to kill them!

If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: I have no idea… Maybe some sort of speed or something to give me extra energy so I can get more stuff done. I never feel like there are enough hours in the day!

Have you ever been treated by a psychotherapist? no

The friend you have known for the longest amount of time: Angie – 13 years I think…

A friend who makes you laugh often: Liz – inside jokes are the best!

Your three best qualities:
1. If I love you I am loyal to a fault
2. I am honest (but don’t ask me if your ass looks big – that’s just not fair!)
3. I’m pretty laid-back and easy-going about almost everything

Your three worst qualities:
1. I’m impatient (Hello? House hunting?)
2. I cry – all the time. When I’m mad. When I’m frustrated. I HATE IT!
3. I am scared to venture out of my own little box

Three words/phrases that describe how others view you:
You’d have to ask them… Any “Friends of Tiffy” out there want to volunteer a word or phrase that you think describes me?

Three things for which you are often complimented on:
1. Cooking
2. My house is clean
3. Hair (Seriously, women stop me at the grocery store to find out who does the color!)

A special compliment that made you blush: A long, long time ago when TheBoy and I were in that first blush of romance and hadn’t quite defined ourselves as of yet someone asked me what he was to me. I answered “friend, lover, and roommate”. I caught him looking at me strangely later on in the evening and asked him how he would have responded, if asked the same question.* His response? “Soul mate”

The greatest amount of physical pain you have ever endured: The freak cheerleading accident of 1995. That story is a post unto itself… I’ll add it to the list of topics to blog on.

The greatest amount of emotional pain you have ever endured: Trying to break out of the me that was and into the me I wanted to be. Which included, among other things, letting go of some friends who were doing more harm than good, admitting I needed help and breaking up with a long-term boyfriend. Pretty much in that order.

Your best physical feature: I don’t know. Hair maybe? I like my laugh but I’m not sure if that’s physical?

When you really want to get to know someone, you: check out how they treat other people, including service people and wait staff and their own family.

When you are attracted to someone you: Joke with them. It usually ends me in the role of “one of the guys” though which sucks!

Your most romantic experience: Hm… I’m not so much into candle light and roses so I can’t think of anything along those lines… My favorite times with TheBoy usually involve us out at the lake or camping somewhere just me and him.

Something someone said or did that you found extremely attractive: I think passion is attractive – any kind of passion… education, political, a hobby, a sports team… Just please be passionate about something!

Something someone said or did that you found frighteningly unattractive: I dislike people that are rude for no apparent reason or who say hurtful things without thinking. I used to date a guy who was ruder than hell to waitresses, bartenders, sales people, you name it – such a turn off!

An intellectual ability you find attractive: Intellect in general is attractive but I do love it when someone can hold their own in a conversation whether it be history, literature, politics or sports.

A personality trait that you find attractive: I like people who are calm, laid back and easy going. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.

You are irritated when people ask you: “When are you and TheBoy getting married?”

You love it when people ask you: “Can I have this recipe?”

A type of person you don't seem to get along with: Anyone with an undue sense of entitlement. Also, people who are so set in their own opinions and beliefs that they can’t be tolerent of others.

The farthest distance you would travel now to be with someone: Hard to say… I haven’t been asked. If TheBoy suddenly got a fantastic job offer that meant he was moving away I’d go. No questions.

What you enjoy most about having a committed relationship: He knows everything there is to know about me. And he loves me anyway!

What you dislike most about having a committed relationship: Sometimes we take each other for granted. And I do miss the excitement of being new sometimes… But we try hard to keep the spark alive. Dating is important – whether it’s been 4 weeks, 4 years or 40 years.

A place where you have always wanted to do it: Um… I like to do it anywhere outside… Right now I have this fantasy about doing it off road somewhere – but that’s due to the fact that TheBoy and I just went wheeling in his Bronco! I also kind of have a small fetish about water… I like water.

*Yes, I was fishing for a compliment. I’m a girl! But I wasn’t expecting something so jaw-dropping, eye-opening, stomach-turning…


J&M said...

Golf course...

Liz said...

I don't know that I can think of three words, but a few one word answers come to mind in describing Tiff. Mind you these only pertain to me.

1. Important- I am not sure I would ever venture out on a new idea, new whim, or new anything with out talking with Tiff about it. Her opinion means the world to me, whether I like that opinion or not.

2. My biggest Cheerleader- No matter how down I get or awful I feel. She is there to remind me of my more attractive qualities.

3. And last bbut not least, Sister. I know this encompasses the first two comments. But its true, she is my confidant, confessor, and therapist too. One of the best things Tiff ever wrote for me was ona photo of my 25 birthday. It read, " A best friend is a sister you can choose."

There Tiff, I love ya!

Lisa said...

I love "theory on life #2". It's practically life changing! ;-)
Love your blog, I'll be back! Good luck with the house!

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh. Loved your answers (Wilson Phillips?!?) and am so copying this tag.

Tiffany said...

J&M: I've been asked to leave every golf course I have ever set foot on because I am too loud... I don't think things would change if I attempted anything amorous there!

Liz: OMG - Can you not make me cry at work?!??! You're the best! I love you too!

Lisa: Welcome! And I have no idea where I got that quote from... I'm pretty sure it was some random chain mail thing but I think of it everytime I order a martini! Which is often!

Kate: You know you listened to Wilson Phillips! All girls of the 80's did! It's just that I still do... It's great cleaning the house music! Can't wait for your answers...

Anonymous said...

I copied this from her also and will probably post it next week. LOL.