Monday, October 03, 2005

A Day Dream Believer...

So here are the questions of the day...

If you had a choice between the job of your dreams and a fantastic job that you love, but most certainly did not dream of when you were a child, which would you chose?

What if I told you one came with job security and benefits and all of that jazz and the other most certainly didn't?

What if you'd been waiting for years to gain entry into one job and your whole life for a shot at the other?

And how about if you are perfectly qualified and suited to one job and would be flying by the seat of your pants and learning day by day at the other?

What if one job meant you'd have to postpone another dream - the dream of owning a home?

What if you were scared to death to make a change but at the same time scared to death not to?

Please someone offer me some insight?


Michele said...

Don't let fear guide you. You don't want to look back one day and regret you didn't follow your dream.

If I knew what the job of my dreams was, and I had the chance to make it happen. You better bet I would take that chance.

You know you have lots of people who love and support you in your life, who will be there to catch you if your dreams do not work out.

This is the chance of a lifetime, don't let it pass you by.
Follow your dreams!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Tiff that is a hard one. I myself have never had something that I dreamed about doing or was passionate about. I wish I did (you are lucky that you do). If I had that I would jump at the chance to pursue it. You only live once. Why live it with regrets and what could have beens? Go for it girl. You could always find another job, but you'll only have one dream. Good luck.

Liz said...

Reach for your dreams sweetpea! You know I will be there the entire way as long as hummus is on the menu. J/K

You know that I back you 5000%, I want to see you happy and have no doubt that you will be successful.