Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend Recap

1 Happy Hour at Ugly's with Carrie, Ryan, Angie and Erik
3 Dirty Martinis drank at Happy Hour
1 Jaeger Blaster at Happy Hour
1 drunken conversation with Erik about how wonderful Angie is
$150 spent on new brake pads and rotors (whatever the hell those are)
1 ticket purchased for Brooks and Dunn concert on Thursday!
1 fried egg sandwich prepared by TheBoy Friday night
1 trip to the Saddle Rack with Carrie
2 shots of Jaeger drank at Saddle Rack
1 kamikaze shot drank at Saddle Rack
4 Coors Lights drank at Saddle Rack
2 cowboys danced with
1 boy who followed me outside to tell me that he thought he loved me
4 songs I managed to get Carrie to dance to
1 line dance I remembered enough to attempt
1 awesome TheBoy who came to pick up a very drunk me and Carrie at the Saddle Rack
1 trip to Jack in the box with Carrie and TheBoy at 2 am
1 killer hang over Saturday morning!
4 hours spent being a good daughter with my Mom and Angie
$20 spent in gas to go be a good daughter
34 gallons of iced tea drank, approximately
1 sugar free Rockstar provided by Liz
1 dinner at Benihana's with TheBoy and Liz Saturday night
1 large sake drank at dinner
1 trip to Ugly's with Liz, TheBoy, Sean and Brett Saturday night
0 drinks had by Tiffy at Ugly's on Saturday
1 trip to Oktoberfest in Campbell on Sunday
3 pints of beer drank at Oktoberfest
1 Snake Bite had at Katie Blooms after Oktoberfest
1 order of deep fried artichoke hearts shared with Carrie and TheBoy
3 bites of German Potato Salad stolen from TheBoy's plate
1 trip to Home Depot to return pressure washer given to TheBoy for our anniversary in June
1 trip to OSH for God knows what
1 7 layer burrito purchased at Taco Bell for dinner
1 very, very tired and exhausted Tiffy by Sunday night!


Liz said...

Thank you again for not calling me to come and get you, you are the best!!!

Tiffany said...

Let it never be said that I stood in the way of anyone and a little *ahem* action!

Anonymous said...

i love kamakaze shots!! lol.