Tuesday, October 11, 2005


OMG! I am finally back from Vegas and what a trip it was! So so SO fun y'all! I love that town! Needless to say I doubt I can do a full weekend recap because... well... I can't exactly remember the entire weekend! But here goes my attempt:

1 game of darts Thursday night
2 large sake divided among 3 people
6 pieces of assorted sushi
1 beer (I know - I was the driver)
1 belated birthday celebration for Angie! Happy Birthday Angie!
1 early flight out to Vegas
1 greasy Burger King breakfast in preparation of Vegas weekend
1 (very strong) rum and coke provided by TheBoy in flight
1 lost reservation at the hotel
15 beers drank Friday, approximately
5 sugar free Red Bulls drank Friday
4 casinos explored
2 hours of penny/nickel slots played
1 late late night arrival of BestFriend Liz
$20 lost on roulette (Stupid Black!)
1 hour friends slept locked out of hotel room
1 upgrade to awesome suite for friends
1 greasy CoCo breakfast Saturday morning post-hangover
1 happy hour (at 2pm) with Charlie and Rhonda at Mandalay Bay
3 rum and cokes drank at happy hour #1
2 hours spent at "the beach" at Mandalay Bay courtesy of Charlie and Rhonda
2 shots of tequila consumed at happy hour #2
3 beers drank getting ready for evening
1 martini at dinner
1 very sick Tiffy Saturday night
1 time our flight was over booked
$300 in flight vouchers for giving up seats on over booked flight
1 free night stay in Vegas
10 casinos TheBoy drug me to on our "free night" in Vegas, roughly
2 hours of penny slots played
5 $1 Michelob beers drank by TheBoy
1 $1 Michelob beer it took for me to decide I don't like Michelob
1 $12 martini ( I DO like martinis!)
1 awesome Mexican food dinner
1 free breakfast on Monday
90 minutes spent on bus getting to Fremont Street with the most awesome driver ever!
1 hour spent wandering around Fremont Street
1 very LONG line at check in at the airport Monday
1 very large beer at airport on Monday after making it through line!
1 bus ride to the train station in San Jose
1 train ride to Mountain View
1 awesome BestFriendLiz who picked us up at train station in Mountain View
1 super exhausted Tiffy and TheBoy
1 super fun trip to Vegas!

I know I'm forgetting loads and loads of details but I think I'm still sobering up! I promise to provide filler details and photos later... At least I made it to boot camp this morning!


Liz said...

I know what you missed.

1 Hottie bartender than looked like Seth Green
1 Other hottie bartender that BestFriend Liz wanted to take home in her suticase. Not same bartender, but either would do. YUMMM
1 Supercool bartender that gave us " happy hour drinks" well past happy hour.

Tiffany said...

How could I forget them!!


And the little Texas boy... Gosh he was cute wasn't he? See! I can pick guys for you!

Liz said...

You did a damn good job honey, I am proud of you.